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ZEPHAIR ZA1 – Gentle Critical Care Air Mattress System

Tried and trusted by facilities and homecare alike, the Zephair provides Gentle Critical Care, Pressure Injury Prevention, Pain Management, Comfort & Compliance, Stability and Safety and mitigation of Falls Risk. By optimising patient function, and reducing risk of pain and injury, the Zephair increases dignity, independence and cognitive welfare for vulnerable patients.


Features and Benefits:

PATIENT INTERFACE – UPPER LAYER » Airoform Response Immersion Interface » High open-cell elasticity for patient immersion » Anti-microbial treatment applied to foam maximises longevity and core micro-climate

PATIENT INTERFACE – LOWER LAYER » Airoform Memory Breathe Immersion Layer » High Temperature Stability to deliver consistent immersion, performance and comfort » Maximises Patient contact with Support Surfaces Providing Pressure Redistribution » Alleviates localised pressure points » Depth calibrated to maximise functionality and patient mobility » Prevents collapse, tearing and side-ways twisting of second layer to ensure patient receives full immersion benefit » Increases lateral sheer relief by connecting cells within second layer together » Unique Airoform Breathe ventilation system minimises heat entrapment and enhances core circulation providing a cooler sleep surface » Visco-elastic/Memory Foam cell structure provides low-shear surface » Firmness: Soft



King Single, Long Single

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