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Theorem Seagrove Quad Motor Lift Chair


Sophisticated, bold and stylish. The spectacular Seagrove quad motor lift chair is a stunning addition to any home. With integrated headrest and lumbar support, the Seagrove places comfort above all else.


  • Sleek leather look
  • Two discreet cup holders
  • Hand wand with USB connectivity
  • Available in Picasso Midnight and Picasso Walnut



Brand Theorem
Seat width 55.8cm (21.9 inches)
Seat depth: 53.3cm (20.9 inches)
Chair width: 99cm (38.9 inches)
Chair depth: 107.9cm (42.4 inches)
Chair height: 106.6cm (41.9 inches)
Weight capacity 158.7kg (349.87361 lbs)

Picasso Midnight, Picasso Walnut

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