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Shoprider Rocky 8


The Shoprider Rocky 8 mobility scooter is designed for bariatric users with its 225kg weight capacity and sizeable adjustable seat.

The Rocky 8 mobility scooter’s gas-adjustable tiller can be easily adjusted so you can find the correct position for you. To make your journey comfortable, the mobility scooter has front and rear suspension along with 33cm pneumatic tyres for excellent ground clearance.

In addition, the Rocky 8 features an electromagnetic brake, which engages whenever the throttle is no longer being used; this adds peace of mind when you’re driving around. The mobility scooter also has a USB power outlet to charge your device or phone.

Available in colours: Burgundy Red, Blue, Grey



  • Adjustable steering tiller: Adjust the distance of the tiller to your preference
  • Adjustable seat: The seat can be rotated, or you can slide backwards or forwards to find the right position
  • Front shopping basket: For shopping trips or when you need a place to store your bag
  • USB power outlet: For charging your mobile phones or devices
  • High and Low speed switch: Set the speed of your mobility scooter with a lever
  • Front + Rear Suspension: Provides a smooth journey over rough terrains


*Please refer to the PRODUCT SHEET for specifications and further information.

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