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CLEARANCE Sentida Aged Care Bed, Low Height, King Single


• Double retracting sleeping surface to reduce friction & shearing forces. Also will aid in relief of pressure in sacral area
• Unique Multi-position Mobilization Aid which have 4 positions and very useful for effective mobilisation as they are easy to grab and clasp. They can be used as a safe standing-up aid and verifiably support the resident’s mobility.  Easy to adjust and are hidden behind a side board when lowered.
• Great movability with 100mm easy-roll castors at both bed ends
• Foot-end bar brake with 4 castor central braking system
• Unique comfort seating position to make patient breathing easier, as well as digestion
• Vertical raise therefore no risk of holes in walls behind the bed
• Underbed clearance for patient lifters at any position
• Handset lockout function so care staff have control in dementia care setting
• Unique hand control with 2 button operation reducing risk of accidental bed adjustment
• Equipped with integrated 20cm bed extension (just require extension in-fill & foam bolster to close gap)
• External Dimensions 208cm x 119cm (Subject to final choice of timber decor)
• Sleeping Surface 200cm x 100cm
• SWL 270KG
• Maximum resident weight: 235kg
• Maximum Sleeping surface Height 800mm. Minimum sleeping surface Height 270mm
• Backrest Length 880mm, Backrest Adjustment 70°, Thigh Rest Adjustment 32°
• Sitting Area 210mm,  Thigh rest 360mm, Lower Leg Rest 550mm
• Thigh Rest Retractions 60mm. Backrest Retraction 115mm.
• Head Tilt / Foot Tilt 15°/15°
• Undercarriage Clearance 137mm


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