Revoltuion Swivel Chair – $970 (Fixed Height) – $1,080 (Adjustable Height)


Product Description

Revolution Swivel Seat – $970

The Revolution Chair incorporates a unique, patented swivel-slide technology allowing easy access to the chair and the table edge without moving its legs.

Height Adjustable version is available for $1,080

In response to customer demand, the Revolution Chair now has a new feature: height adjustability. 

Four positions provide 80 mm of vertical travel to bring the seat to the safest and most comfortable height.

Lowest seat setting: 450 mm
Highest seat setting: 530 mm

Available in a variety of colours – made to order.

Swivel Safety Lock

Position the chair facing the table so the arms are 35mm from the table edge. Ensure the canted legs are facing the front. This provides stability when the seat is extended forward.

Turn the seat left or right to meet the user. The seat will lock for safety. When seated, lift the swivel lever (A) and rotate the chair to face the table.

Lift the slide lever (B) to move the seat forward. Release the lever and the seat will lock in the first position. To move closer to the table, lift the lever, slide forward to the second position, then release the lever again.

To exit the chair, lift the slide lever and glide the seat back. The seat rotates left or right, locking for safe exit.


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Seat Width: 45cm

Seat Height (fixed): 48cm

Seat Height (adj): 45-53cm

Seat Depth: 48.5cm

Overall Width: 50.5cm

Overall Depth: 56cm