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Redgum Lightweight Tri Walker (including bag)


The Redgum Lightweight Tri Walker/Rollator is a Super Lightweight 3 Wheel Walker. It is a great walker for using around the home or areas that have a more narrow entrance. With larger 19 cm wheels, this tri walker has excellent manoeuvrability. The front wheel swivels at 360 degrees enabling you to control the walker in any direction. The assembly is simple! There are no tools required, and it folds very compact making transporting and storing the Rollator a breeze.

It has a stylish soft quilted storage bag that is removable, with a carry handle and a zip lock function. The brakes on the Redgum Tri Walker are lockable, providing stability if you need to lean on the walker while stationary. Its hand grips are ergonomic making them very comfortable to hold, especially for longer lengths of time.


Length: 58 cm

Width: 67.5 cm

Handle Heights: 83cm – 93 cm – 5 height increments

Handle Width: 48 cm (overall)

Wheels: 8inch Wheels

Product Weight: 5kg

User Weight: 100kg

Material: Aluminium Frame

Wheels: Nylon

Colour: Gold/Champagne

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