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PQuip Slicing Knife



Introducing the PQUIP Slicing Knife – a kitchen essential designed with your comfort and well-being in mind. This extraordinary knife offers a range of features to make slicing a breeze, especially for those with medical concerns.

Ergonomic Comfort: The Pquip Slicing Knife boasts an ergonomic, closed-handle design that accommodates various hand sizes, providing a secure and comfortable grip. This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals with arthritis, hand pain, or limited dexterity, as it reduces strain and makes slicing easier on your hands.

Effortless Precision: The stainless steel blade of the Pquip Slicing Knife is thoughtfully angled to minimize the physical effort required for cutting. This design is a relief for anyone dealing with fatigue, weakness, or mobility challenges, allowing you to slice through foods effortlessly.

Lightweight Design: We understand that handling heavy kitchen tools can be challenging, especially for individuals with medical conditions. The PQUIP Slicing Knife weighs a mere 112 grams, ensuring that it’s incredibly easy to lift, maneuver, and control, even during extended meal preparation.

Versatile Assistance: The knife is a versatile aid in the kitchen, catering to various dietary needs. Whether you’re preparing soft, nutrient-packed fruits and vegetables or cutting through soft-textured bread, it simplifies these tasks, making meal preparation more manageable.

Ease of Cleanup: We recognize that convenience is essential, especially when you’re managing health concerns. The PQUIP Slicing Knife is dishwasher safe and can withstand temperatures up to 70°C, ensuring effortless cleanup without putting any extra strain on you.

Health-Focused Materials: Your health is paramount, which is why the PQUIP Slicing Knife is crafted from BPA-free materials. This guarantees that your food remains free from harmful contaminants, providing peace of mind for individuals.

The PQUIP Slicing Knife is not just a kitchen tool; it’s a thoughtful solution for those with medical challenges. Its ergonomic design, effortless precision, and versatile application make it an invaluable kitchen companion. With easy cleanup and a focus on health-conscious materials, the PQUIP Slicing Knife enhances your kitchen experience while prioritizing your well-being.

Make meal preparation a joy again with the PQUIP Slicing Knife – designed to make life in the kitchen easier.


Overall Length:         28.5cm

Blade Length:           20.5cm

Weight:                     112gm



Blade:                       Stainless Steel

Handgrip:                 ABS

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