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Merits Yoga- $4175

The Merits Yoga is a strong light-weight travel scooter. Its design enables easy folding for storage and transportation. The angle and height of the steering tiller are adjustable which makes fitting it to your riding comfort a breeze. With its lightweight 24 volt lithium-ion battery and complementary light but sturdy travel case it’s well worth considering for your next trip away.

The things we like best about the Merits Yoga…

We love its comfortable seat and the fact that it has adjustable armrests and tiller. It folds up easily into a neat package for storage. It is a really great portable scooter for people who are short or medium height. If you are taller, we find that the ATTO range is fantastic (for example the ATTO Sport), or the Porta-Scooter is also often another great choice.

The Merits Yoga is great for …

The Merits Yoga is a great scooter for riding around inside the home, workplaces, shops, cafes, museums, galleries. It will take you directly from home to the local cafe or shops, or around your lifestyle villages. If you want to travel interstate or abroad you can’t go past the fantastic suitcase which comes with this scooter. Some scooter suitcases cost over $500 but the Merits Yoga comes with it!! It is a fantastic quality case to protect your Yoga on your travels.

Key Features

  • Strong light-weight alloy aluminium frame designed for easy folding and carrying
  • Small foldable scooter for easy storage and transportation
  • Lightweight 24 volt Li-ion battery with quick charge 2 Amp off board charger
  • Height and angle adjustable steering tiller to fit individual users
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Patented Twin-front-wheels w/spring suspension system offers excellent stability
  • Armrests as standard
  • Comfortable padded seat and backrest
  • Optional battery charging station, for charging the battery away from the scooter
  • Built in speed reduction switch which is activated when turning offering exceptional safety


Capacity: 113 kg (250 lbs)

Total weight with battery, w/out arm rests: 25.7 kg

Battery weight: 1.7 kg

Max Speed:  6 kph

Travel Range per Charge:  18 km

Turn Radius:  96 cm

Ground Clearance:  9.5 cm

Motor:  DC 24 V, 80 W (rating)/ 340 W (max)

Controller:  PG S-Drive 45 A

Battery:  Li-Ion Battery 24 V/11.5 Ah

Charger:  2A off-board

Gradient:  6 degrees

Front Wheel:  6″ (153 x 40) foam filled tire

Rear Wheel:  7″ (178 x 45) foam filled tire

Brake:  Electromagnetic (automatic)


  • Battery: 1.7 kg
  • Total weight with battery (without armrest): 25.7 kg
  • Capacity:  113 kg


  • Comes with complementary hard travel suitcase! Saving you hundreds!
  • Colour options: Ferrari Red or Yellow
  • Portable Hoist for an easier lift into your vehicle.

Australian Standards Compliant: AS/NZS 3695.2:2013


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