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Freerider Luggie Super Deluxe Mobility Scooter


Available in Green and Blue.

The Luggie Super Deluxe is the wide track version of the Super Plus, complete with front suspension and solid tyres for those that want more stability and comfort when tackling rugged terrain. The Luggie Super Deluxe comes with a larger seat, and standard 10.5 A/H Li-ion batteries, which can be upgraded to 16.5 A/H Li-ions giving it a much higher range. With the well-designed front suspension and larger tyres on the rear, the ride is smooth and comfortable.

  • Foldable design
  • Wide track stability
  • Suspension on the front axle
  • Solid tyres
  • Extendable handlebars
  • Armrests as standard
  • More powerful motor and a larger seat
  • Bigger 10.5 a/h Li-ion battery
  • Optional 16.5 a/h battery
  • Higher weight capacity up to 160kg


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