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Heel Wedge DOUBLE (Memory) Steri Plus $155


Relieve Heel Pain and Pressure with a Large Heel Support Wedge

The Double Heel Wedge is specially designed to distribute your body weight evenly reducing pressure and providing relief from heel pain while seated or lying down.

Our Double Heel Support Wedge Pillow is a special cushion to:

  • Relieve pressure and soreness from feet and heels whilst resting
  • Keep hips and knees in alignment
  • Help protect the body’s pressure points from pressure ulcers (bed sores)
  • Distributes body weight evenly
  • Maintain pelvic tilt & promotes proper hip alignment
  • Twice as big as the Single Heel Wedge – ideal for larger frames
  • Easy Care and Use. Wipes it clean easily.
  • Hospital grade moisture and bacteria resistant Steri-Plus cushion cover
  • Ideal for long term care patients or convalescents

Specially Designed to help with a range of therapeutic conditions:

    • Heel pain
    • Foot pain
    • Knee pain
    • Pressure sores
    • Poor circulation
    • Vascular drainage
    • Plantar fasciitis
    • Bunions
    • Heel spurs
    • Heel pressure ulcers

The Double Heel Wedge can be used as a body wedge as well.

Our Heel Wedge can be used as a body wedge wherever wedge support is needed! The Heel Wedge can diffuse pressure and improve circulation around your body wherever additional comfort and support is required.

Lightweight and convenient for travel, meaning that you can take this wedge cushion almost anywhere with you. Whether you are resting on the couch, in bed, or away travelling, the single heel wedge can be taken with you to give you heel or body support wherever you need it.

Recover from surgery by reducing feet and heel pressure

The Double Heel Wedge not only provides exceptional support and comfort but also plays a crucial role in reducing pain for patients recovering from surgery or managing heel ulcers caused by various health conditions.

By elevating the heels, this specially designed wedge effectively relieves pressure and minimizes soreness in the affected area. Post-surgery, patients often experience discomfort and sensitivity in the heels, and the Double Heel Wedge offers much-needed relief by alleviating the pressure exerted on this vulnerable region.

Similarly, individuals dealing with heel ulcers can benefit from the wedge’s elevation, which helps to reduce the burden on the affected area, promoting faster healing and preventing further complications. By distributing body weight evenly and promoting proper alignment, the Double Heel Wedge ensures optimal support and positioning, providing patients with a comfortable and conducive environment for post-surgical recovery or ulcer management.

With its versatility and functionality, this wedge is an invaluable aid in reducing pain and enhancing the healing process, allowing patients to experience improved well-being and mobility.

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