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Furniture Raisers – 40mm (015-1) – $10 each


Furniture Raisers – 40mm (015-1) – $10 each

What are Furniture Raisers used for?

Furniture Raisers are used to increase the height of beds, lounge chairs and sofas. This makes it easier to get in and out.

Any furniture that is heavy enough to remain stable on top of the Furniture Raiser can be raised.

Furniture Raisers can also be used to raise one end of a bed, giving it a slight slope. This is helpful in the management of some digestive, respiratory and circulatory problems.

What size Bed Raiser should I use?

The correct height for each installation needs to be worked out by an Occupational Therapist or other suitably trained professional.

The Bed Raiser system consists of 4 modular components. The basic components are:

Product Codes

  • 015-1 – 40mm Furniture Raiser
  • 015-6 – 100mm Furniture Raiser (refer to seperate product listing)
  • 015-7 – Furniture Raiser Biscuits (refer to seperate product listing)
  • 015-2 – Furniture Raiser Mat (refer to seperate product listing)

My Furniture has square legs. Can I use Furniture Raisers?

Yes, so long as the leg fits within the “well” on the top of the Furniture Raiser. If the leg is too big for the well, add a Furniture Raiser Biscuit. The Furniture Raiser Biscuit is screwed into the bottom of the leg and provides a firm anchor, which prevents the furniture sliding off.

Should I get the little Mats?

The mats fit in the wells of the Furniture Raisers, under the legs of the furniture, to reduce movement. They’re not usually necessary for safety, but many people do prefer to use them.

My Furniture has castors or wheels. Can I use Furniture Raisers?

The answer is probably yes. The wells on the Furniture Raisers are designed to accept common castor sizes. You may also be able to remove the castors to make the leg fit into the Furniture Raiser.

Weight Capacity

Weight rating is 250kg per installation (this means 4 equal points of support).


The 40mm Furniture Raisers can be stacked, either on top of each other or on top of the 100mm Furniture Raisers to increase the height.

You need to be especially careful to check the stability when you stack Furniture Raisers.

As a guide, the following are OK in most situations:

  • 40mm lift (1 x 40mm Furniture Raiser).
  • 80mm lift (2 x 40mm Furniture Raiser).
  • 100mm lift (1 x 100mm Furniture Raiser).
  • 140mm lift (1 x 100mm & 1 x 40mm Furniture Raiser).

Safety Notes

When installing Furniture Raisers you need to check the stability. There are some situations where these Furniture Raisers will not provide adequate stability, and must not be used. If Furniture Raisers are used inappropriately the furniture could fall, causing serious injury or death.

Whether a particular installation is safe or not depends on many factors (eg. type of floor covering, levelness of floor, weight of furniture, weight of patient, steadiness of patient). So each installation needs to be assessed individually.

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