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Four Point Self Standing Derby Cane- $39



  •  Derby Shape Handle with silk matte finish handle
  •  Self standing
  •  Push-button height adjustable in 25mm (1”) increments
  •  Secured with a locking ring for added safety
  •  Conditional warranty applies


Quad tip:

  •  Non-slip rubber quad tip ensures a secure grip on most terrains
  •  Slight natural flex assists smooth walking
  •  Can assist with balance and better stability
  •  Helps reduce hand and wrist impact



Handle Height:            74 – 97cm

Weight Capacity:         120kg

Cane Weight:              450g

Base measurement:    8 x 8cm (10.3cm diagonal)

Colour:                        Black with gold collar

Cane Tip:                    RTIP119


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