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Crutches – Forearm Crutches/Canadian Crutches/Elbow Crutches – Ergonomic Handles(Medium/Large)- $75 Pair


Days crutches are made from lightweight aluminium with a tough anodised finish making them incredibly durable. They are designed for minimum maintenance and just require an occasional wipe-over with a soft cloth and can be used with disinfectant solution if required.
  • Closed Fixed Armband – The closed fixed armband enables the user to retain the crutch on their arm even if they release their grip on the handle. This prevents the crutch from dropping to the floor accidentally.
  • Non-Marking Ferrules – The non-marking ferrules are slip-resistant, for added safety. The 22mm ferrules are fitted.
  • Push Pin Adjustment – Adjustment is easy using the simple push pin operation.
  • Ergonomic Grip – The Ergonomic handle has been designed and developed in conjunction with Physiotherapists and healthcare professionals. The unique handle distributes pressure over a greater area of the user’s hand improving comfort and safety.
  • Double Adjustable Crutches – allow you to adjust both the height to handle and the distance between the handle and the arm cuff.
Available in pairs:
 Medium   Large 
 Adjustability:  Double Adjustable  Double Adjustable
 Handle to Armband:  205 – 275mm  205 – 275mm
 Handle to Ground:  690 – 940mm  830 – 1110mm
 Max User Weight:  160kg  160kg
 ARTG No.:  174418  174418



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