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Easy Edge Threshold Ramps – From $84

Threshold ramps are an ideal solution for short rises in and out of doorways for walkers, wheelchair and mobility scooter users. Our ramps boast the highest weight rating in their class which is made possible by the fact that they are solid from top to bottom as opposed to ramps that have hollowed out pockets (like pictured below).  The solid construction makes our ramps almost twice the weight of the hollowed out ones and have less chance of moving underneath you due to the extra weight of the ramp and the extra surface area contacting the ground. Our ramps are made of 100% recycled rubber and are built to provide a long lasting access solution with great traction.


Weather resistant

Slip resistant

Made from 100% recycled rubber

Suitable for indoors or outdoors

Can be used in wet areas

Quick and easy to install

Suitable for commercial or residential use

Three sided for easy side access

Various sizes available




100% recycled rubber

Sizes Available (other sizes available upon request):

Size Weight Price
15mm H x 900mm W x 120mm L 1.08 kg $84
20mm H x 900mm W x 160mm L 1.8 kg $87
25mm H x 900mm W x 200mm L 2.7 kg $93
30mm H x 1050mmW x 240mm L 4.41 kg $106
35mm H  x  1050mW x  280mm L 5.88 kg $116
40mm H x 1050mmW x 320mm L 7.56kg $135
45mm H x 1150mmW x 360mm L 10.35 kg $164
50mm H x 1150mmW x 400mm L 12.65 kg $178


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