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Contoured Wheelchair Cushion


  • Also available in a 16″(40cm), 20″ (50cm) and 22″ (55cm) size.
  • Helps stabilise and support the body.
  • Made of a high quality PU foam.
  • A Velcro hook and loop system gives the option of securing the cushion to the wheelchair seat.
  • Supplied with a removeable PU cover, easy to clean, waterproof, anti-bacterial and fire retardant.


SUITABLE FOR: People with mild to moderate need for positioning support

FUNCTION / PURPOSE: comfort and proper body positioning


APPLICATION: Wheelchair, office, car, home
CAUTION: Installing a cushion on a wheelchair may affect the centre of gravity of the wheelchair and may cause the wheelchair to tip, potentially resulting in serious injury. ALWAYS assess if cushion is suitable to be used on the wheelchair. We recommend  that anti-tippers to be added to the wheelchair to help increase stability.



Width:                       45cm

Depth:                      40cm

Height:                      6cm

Weight:                     700g

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