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Anti-Spill Luminous Tumbler – $45


This Luminous, Anti-Spill Tumbler Cup is specifically designed to aid independent drinking whilst reducing the risk of spillages.

With a curved base, the cup is designed in such a way that prevents it from being overturned when dropped, staying upright preventing any spills. The two fixed handles have been ergonomically designed to comfortably fit a user’s hands making it an ideal drinking cup to serve anybody who may struggle with poor motor skills, weak coordination, Parkinson’s, or Tremors.

The tumbler cup comes equipped with a water-tight lid that features a fixed spout making fluid consumption easy. The opening is also wide enough to fit a straw inside further reducing the risk of spillages during use.

With a capacity of 250ml, the cup is usable with both hot and cold fluids however we advise against using it with boiling water in order to avoid any potential scalding.

During the day, the cup’s base unit absorbs light energy before releasing it during the night, creating a luminous effect. This makes the luminous tumbler the perfect drinking aid for anyone suffering from poor vision, allowing them to easily locate their non-spill independent drinking with ease during the night. The ‘glow in the dark’ effect will allow them to locate the tumbler easily.

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